Web & Digital

Samples of the websites and digital assets that I've designed.

A custom responsive site that I designed for a freelance client of mine.  The partners asked for a very clean, very modern look with no visible menu - a site that would show off the professional photos they had shot of their work.
This freelance client needed a website to inform consumers about their products and also to make sales.  They asked for a clean, light look.  Taking the colors from the logo I designed for them, I designed this responsive website for them.
A freelance client needed a website for her growing cupcake shop.  She asked that it be pretty and yet functional.
A friend of mine is a fly fishing guide in Montana and recently started his own guide business.  He asked me for a clean style that conveyed his business right from the start.
A recent freelance project, this client in the UK felt that the page on the left was clunky compared to the feel of the rest of the site.  He tasked me with updating the page to feel lighter and cleaner.  The image on the right is the page I designed which he approved.
This was a client I acquired through a freelance job site.  This sushi and hibachi eatery wanted big bold colors for their website.
A Facebook cover that I designed for a freelance client.
This is a web sales page I designed for a client in Sweden.  I designed all elements and layout seen here except for the heart/swirl icon.
Wanting to expand her reach, a realtor came to me for this website.  She loved azul blue so this is the results of our brainstorming.
Innovative Theater was a website I designed while working for an agency.
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