These are various projects I worked on either for freelance clients or for myself. Projects include image manipulation and combination as well as drawings and digital painting.

A photo from the holiday combined with a few other elements (show together at the top) to create a sci-fi image.
Just a small sample of my art including digital watercolor, watercolor, and pen with markers.
Taking a dark photo I took of my son and turning him into a superhero!  :)
These three images were put together with a little photo-painting to create the background for a book cover.  Around 98% all of the book covers that I've designed have required image manipulation, photo-editing, and photo-painting.
A beer label that I designed for a craft brewery.
A simple freelance project where the client needed a bow added to the product package.
Retouching of a photo to use for a Christmas card.
T-shirt design.  Character was asked to match the little girl.
A custom t-shirt design for a Dallas Stars fan.
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